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we're on a planet-saving mission.

At Boomerang Water, our mission is to reduce single-use plastic bottles and we need YOUR help!

It Couldn't Be easier.

we drop off ultra-pure water at your door each month

Each month, we deliver ultra-purified water directly to your door. You enjoy awesome eco-friendly bottles, reducing your footprint on the environment. You’re a planet saver!

you place your empty bottles by the door for pickup

Just like the milkman who picked up used bottles from grandma! We pick up your glass bottles, then wash, sanitize, fill, and cap the bottles for the next delivery.

we pick up your empty bottles and you get a new case

It’s magic! When we pick up your case of empty glass bottles, we deliver a beautiful new case of ultra-pure water ready to drink! It’s almost like…a boomerang!

Plastic is Polluting our Environment. Contaminating our Oceans. Destroying our Planet.

every year, Americans consume nearly 50 Billion single-serve plastic bottles.

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0 %
End up in the Ocean
> 0 %
End up in Landfills

every returned boomerang bottle has a massive impact.

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Reduction in CO2
100 %
Pollution in the Ocean
100 %
Landfill Contribution

it's more than just water.

When you drink boomerang water, you are doing your part to help minimize plastic waste, clean up our oceans, and drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Boomerang Water goes above and beyond just recycling. Our process re-circulates glass bottles. It’s simple, clean and makes a huge impact…truly a circular ecosystem.

boomerang is healthier.

Water is our most important resource on earth and the most important thing you put into your body every day.

With a boomerang water subscription, you can stop worrying about what’s in your water. Our advanced ultra-filtration and bottling system ensures you are only putting the freshest, most pure water into your body!

Our ultra-pure water is cleaner and healthier than other bottled water.

Our bottles don't leach chemicals into the water like other bottles.

Our subscription encourages you to drink more water without the added waste, making you healthier and more environmentally friendly!

Signing Up is Easy.

1. Select the number of cases you want delivered per month

2. Set your desired delivery date

3. Drink and enjoy!

We deliver to your doorstep. Just leave your previous case(s) with bottles outside for pick and we will replace on your scheduled day. If you have any special instructions, feel free to communicate with us via email, phone, or leave a note with the empty bottles.

choose from 3 great monthly plans!

1-Case Plan: Give it a Try

$24.95 mo
  • 1 case / mo. (16 bottles)
  • free delivery & pickup

2-Case Plan: You're a Hero

$39.95 mo
  • 2 cases / mo. (32 bottles)
  • free delivery & pickup

are you a local business owner?

Contact us for information about business subscription plans.