our story

Jason Dibble first witnessed the prolific problem of plastic bottle waste while serving in the United States Military in the early 2000s. During his first deployment to the Middle East, he noticed the tens of thousands of plastic water bottles consumed each day. Jason was mesmerized by this problem, surely there had to be a better way to access clean water than shipping it all over the world?

Upon returning home, he quickly realized this isn’t just an issue in remote areas, but an issue in communities around the world.

Why are we shipping water in plastic bottles?
Why isn’t there a point-of-use bottling system on every corner?
Why aren’t we passionately working together to save our planet?

our team

If we don’t start thinking collectively as a human race to solve the growing issues of single-use plastic, the future is tough. It’s very tough.

– Jason Dibble

In turn, he and a small, close knit team of like minded friends and veterans with executive and engineering experience spent the last several years working to craft some of the world’s most exciting and forward-thinking sustainability solutions, including Boomerang Water’s small-batch bottling system and its applications.

The Boomerang system has been designed to be used in commercial facilities like university campuses, hotels, hospitals, and more, as well as distributed through a dealership model throughout local communities to provide access to clean, convenient, sustainably packaged bottled water.

Boomerang’s revolutionary technology is as smart as it is effective, designed to displace traditional carbon-emitting and plastic polluting packaging brands by giving the power back to consumers to make conscientious, convenient, and cost effective sustainable choices.

As the world has become more and more globalized, one thing has remained the same: there’s only one Planet Earth. The growing need for closed-loop sustainability led us to bring back the old way of doing things: a milkman style local water delivery service that promotes human to human interaction with no plastic, no shipping, and no waste.